with Dr. Roy & Debbie Steinbock

Self-Guided Online Programs

Whether you’re new to natural healing, interested in diving deeper into a specific aspect of healing, or looking for support to get back on track with your wellness goals, our online and on-demand courses were designed to help you along your journey.

Elemental Diet Success Plan

Learn the proven tips and strategies needed to complete an elemental diet with clarity, direction, and confidence. This program guides you step-by-step through each phase, so you can utilize an elemental diet as an effective tool for resting and healing your gut!

4-Day Mini Reboot

This spring/summer program offers a done-for-you plan of nutritious, seasonal meals along with simple lifestyle practices to help jump-start weight loss and improve sleep, energy, digestion and more—without giving up your enjoyment of delicious foods!

4-Day Immune Recharge

This fall/winter program gives you a powerful plan to support your immune system and help strengthen your body’s natural defenses. The Immune Toolkit and Immune Tonics provide natural support at the time of year your body needs it most!

Supported Programs

Sometimes you just need a little more personal attention to succeed with your wellness goals. Our 1:1 supported programs give us the opportunity to get to know you and to address your health concerns with a more personalized approach.

1:1 Elemental Diet Guidance

Work with Debbie one-on-one to support you through the elemental diet process and customize it to your specific needs and goals. Debbie has been using elemental diets for more than 20 years with clients who have a variety of different health concerns and digestive conditions.

This supported one-on-one program is for you if you are the kind of person who has a lot of questions and needs more support and assistance than our self-guided Elemental Diet Success Plan program offers.

About Us

We are Dr. Roy and Debbie Steinbock. We work with people just like you who are struggling to find relief from chronic and complex health conditions.

We have been practicing holistic medicine for over 20 years. Over at Mindful Family Medicine we believe in providing collaborative healthcare experience that supports your optimal health and well-being.